Home Remedies for Delayed Periods

A lot of women these days are complaining about having irregular periods. Periods can be classified as a regular one if it occurs in a regular interval of 28 days each month. But women have various period cycle, this difference is caused by the nature of hormones. To determine if a woman has a regular menstrual cycle is to manually count the days between one period to the next one, and make sure to keep a record to see if the intervals are the same each month. Women usually have their periods in a duration of 3-7 days.

There are some home remedies that can help a woman having period delays. Through these remedies an irregular menstrual cycle can be again normalized and have regular intervals. Here are some of the effective home remedies that can be an alternate solution to period delays:

1. Drinking the juice of a bitter gourd can make the menstrual cycle normal by regulating the hormones

2. Mixing foods with roots of bitter gourd can also help irregular menstrual cycles.

3. Mixing honey with cumin and sesame seeds can be an alternative way to address the problem of having irregular menstrual cycle.

4.Drinking a glass of water mixed with about two tablespoons of fennel seeds is also an effective way to treat period delays.

5. Intake of decoction from coriander and cilantro can be a remedy for period delays.

6. Blending 1 teaspoon of grinded radish seeds and 1 cup of buttermilk and drinking it on a daily basis can give excellent results for cases of irregular menstruations.

7. Aloe Vera juice can trigger menstruations in cases of delays.

8. Drinking grape juice can be helpful in treating period delays.

9. Drinking carrot juice can also make normalize a menstrual cycle.

10. Eating green unripe green papaya can also make menstrual cycle regular again.

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