If you are looking for someone who is going to make you feel completely at ease and do a fantastic treatment then Bronwen is the person for you. She is such a fantastic chiropractor. She has been treating myself and my mum for problems of the back and hip and has made such a difference to us both. She has given us great home care advice also so we can continue with certain exercises to further improve the problems. Bronwen is extremely professional with such a warm and friendly welcome. We are recommending her to everyone! Thank you for all you great work Bronwen

Marianne O’Leary

I live primarily in California but visit Bristol, my home town, every summer. I have a shoulder injury that seemed to defy diagnosis here in the US this summer I had the good fortune to meet and be treated by Dr Bronwen Henley . She was very comfortable to work with intelligent and with a no nonsense approach she found the source of my ailment and set about helping me to recover. Her intelligence is intellectual but equally intuitive, I cannot offer praise high enough, if you have chiropractic issues she is the one to seek out. Thank you Bronwen.

Jeremy Morgan

An excellent clinic, puts you at ease in every sense. Highly recommended

Sta Harper

Bronwen has fixed my hubby’s back when many others have failed! Awesome, thanks Bronwen!

Sue Martin
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