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Three reasons to stand instead of sit

Increasingly, a large majority of people spend their working days slouched over computers for hours on end without frequent movement and only occasional breaks. After a long day hunched over desks, there is a tendency sink into sofas and unwind in front of the television.

Here are three reasons to stand stead of sit.

Stand up for creativity

Apart from the adverse effects on our backs and necks, sitting also clogs up hormonal activity going on in the brain. Literary greats, such as Charles Dickens, Virginia Woolf and Ernest Hemingway seemed to understand the creative benefits of keeping upright and all wrote while standing. Facebook, AOL and Google have started offering stand-up desks in their offices, citing the virtues of enhanced creativity and increased energy levels.

Stand up for longevity

Sitting negatively affects the body in a variety of ways. Heart disease, diabetes and colon cancer are all more likely to occur when somebody tends to over-sit. Generally, people who watch the most television have a 60% chance of dying younger than people who only watch one hour of TV a day. The mind automatically instructs our bodies to sit when we feel tired, but perhaps we should stay on our feet just that little longer.

Stand up for beauty

Of course standing doesn’t cure ever physical blemish, however it goes a long way to making us healthier and fitter. The constant sitter’s hips generally become less flexible, their abs and gluts are underused resulting in a certain sagginess, and overall the sitter’s body is less toned than people who chose stand up more frequently.

With the strain obesity puts on backs, one of the simplest ways of improving our spines and overall health is to stand up more. Obviously, if you are experiencing serious back pain, don’t rely on standing up constantly to make it better; get to your local chiropractor in Bristol as soon as possible. Contact us today.

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Four things you didn’t know chiropractic treatment could help with

While chiropractic treatment is most often associated with back pain and is generally very effective in tackling this, there are so many other ways it can be used. Here are just some of the health problems and physical challenges it can help to remedy.


Headaches are a common problem in modern society. They can arise particularly from poor or abnormal posture and movements of the neck causing irritation and/or inflammation which the patient then experiences as headache pains. Various chiropractic adjustments and movements can correct these issues and relieve the discomfort very quickly. Migraine headaches may also be helped by the same type of treatment.

Knee pain

Especially where knee pain arises from knee arthritis, chiropractic therapy can help by mobilising and manipulating the joint and by an overall assessment and improvement of posture to prevent placing unnecessary pressure on the affected limb.

Foot pain

Postural faults often cause inflammation in the soft tissues of the feet, causing sore, tender areas and even difficulty in walking or running. This pain and discomfort can be tackled by spinal adjustments involving manipulation and joint mobilisation to establish and enhance correct posture.

Athletic performance

Athletes must often put their bodies under extreme pressure in pursuit of their goals. Many athletes see chiropractors regularly, whether or not they are experiencing pain or injury issues at the time. As specialists in correct movement and posture, chiropractors can spot potential problems before they fully develop. They can use appropriate manipulations along with advice and selected exercises to help their clients avoid or recover from injury and continue to perform at their best.

If you think a chiropractic treatment could help you in any of these areas, why not come along and see if we can help? We are an established chiropractors in Bristol and you can contact us here.

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Preventing back pain
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Preventing back pain at work

The incredible advancement of computers and digital technologies in recent years has opened so many doors to us in the workplace. The downside is that this means more of us than ever are spending an unhealthy amount of time sitting down looking at screens, and this can have a detrimental effect on our health, with side effects such as back pain being particularly common. Here are a few things you can do to combat back pain.

Ensure your work station is set up correctly

Sitting for long periods is never going to be ideal but having the proper work station set up can really help. Ensure your computer, chair and desk are all at the correct height, that you’re employing a good sitting posture and that your desk equipment is laid out effectively to avoid harmful movements. Ask your employer for a work station set up and discuss the possibility of spending some time at a standing desk, to reduce the strain on your back.

Take regular breaks

Sitting in one position for too long is one of the biggest contributors to back pain so try to take regular short breaks, rather than just one or two long ones. Getting up for a couple of minutes every 30 minutes can be a great help. This doesn’t need to be unproductive time – combine it with trips to the photocopier, making a cup of tea or asking a colleague a question face to face.

Be proactive about pain

If you have back pain, don’t just ignore it and wait for it to go away. Seeing a specialist straight away will get you on the road to recovery much quicker and ensure you aren’t doing anything that could inflame the problem. Feel free to get in touch with the Bristol Chiropractic Clinic any time if you have any questions. We’d love to help!

sitting comfortably
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Are you sitting comfortably?

It can be an all too familiar story when it comes to the aches and pains in your neck and back after a long day. Often people can’t figure out what is causing the pain, as their job does not entail much manual labour and no heavy lifting has been done. However, it may be that it’s all in the way you sit. If you have a tendency to cross your legs, you could well be pushing your body out of its natural alignment.

Researchers have revealed that sitting with your legs crossed for more than three hours a day may cause pain in your joints. You may adopt a forward head posture as your head aligns further forward, which, when coupled the our increased usage of laptops and mobile phones, is really asking for trouble.

Seeking an assessment from qualified chiropractors in Bristol is the best way to establish the underlying cause of the pain, and once identified, look at the implementation of a rehabilitation programme to reduce or remove the pain, realign your joints, and correct your posture.

Ultimately, crossing your legs for a short period of time is unlikely to hinder you, but if the timeframe is extended, and you notice aches and pains, it is important to assess how you are sitting, and adapt any seated positions to minimise the impact it has your body. Where possible, try and keep your pelvis and spine in a neutral position, and minimise the length of time that your legs are crossed, or one leg is tucked under your buttocks, with can also displace the alignment of your spine.

If you know that you will be in a seated position for a longer period of time, makes sure that you carry out some appropriate stretches and exercises when you get the chance to stretch you body and realign your spine.

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Health challenges of modern life
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4 health challenges of modern life

Modern life can wreak havoc on your health – particularly your back and posture. We take a look at some of the top problem areas:

1. A desk job

A sedentary desk job is believed to increase your risk of a premature death by as much as 60% according to a study by Cambridge University. Sitting all day long compresses your spine, leads to obesity, raises blood sugar, weakens your muscles and can lead to problem back pain. Tackle it by getting up regularly for a walk and exercising for at least an hour a day. A standing desk is also increasingly popular and a great way to avoid the dread sedentary lifestyle!

2. Your texting habit

Constantly leaning your head forwards to text can exert a force of around 40-60 pounds on your next according to different studies. This puts an incredible strain on your neck and spine and can lead to pain. Combine this with hunched shoulders, squinting eyes and terrible posture as you tap out those messages and suddenly you are experiencing aches, pains and general discomfort. Simple remedy? Put the phone down! Get outdoors, stretch, walk, swim – do anything active and gentle to get your body moving as it should. It’s also well worth seeing a chiropractor in Bristol to get a professional assessment of any problems you are already experiencing so that they don’t escalate.

3. Commuting

Rising stress levels, prolonged periods of sitting in cars, hunched shoulders, clenched fists, grinding teeth… It can only be the joy of the work commute! If you can walk, cycle or jog, why not escape the queues and own your journey once again? You can then make it into part of your fitness regime and enjoy it once again.

4. Lunch at your desk

Building on the sedentary desk theme, most workers are eating at their desks during lunch – and we are one of the few nations to do so. Get outdoors for a lunchtime wander, go and see a colleague for a chat, go to a yoga class – do anything to get moving and allow your body to stretch and move in the way that nature designed it to! We simply aren’t designed to sit hunched, stressed and unmoving for hours, so reclaim your health and wellbeing and start to feel far better as a result!

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Bristol chiropractic clinic
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Dealing with knee pain when you want to keep moving

Knee pain can be caused by a wide variety of issues, stemming from the knee joint itself, referred pain from the lower back, pelvis and hips, or a problem caused by misalignment or stiffness. When your knees do start to cause you pain, it is important to determine the cause before things progress, and this is where chiropractors in Bristol can help.

Despite what people say, there are treatments available

Knee pain is almost inevitable eventually for people who are active, particularly runners whose knees can suffer through high-impact training. In cases like this, the damage is not irreversible. Whether your problems are caused by this sort of wear, or there is a more serious underlying condition such as osteoarthritis, chiropractic treatment can alleviate pain and help to rebuild strength and balance.

Types of knee treatment available

This depends upon the person and their individual requirements. You may require some anti-inflammatory therapy initially, consisting of ice treatment or laser therapy, for example. Chiropractic manipulation can then help to increase movement and function, and reduce pain. Dependent upon the results of the initial examination, the manipulation may take place around the knee joint itself, or it could focus on the part of the body that is causing a misalignment, putting extra pressure on the complex web of ligaments and muscles within the knee joint. (http://bristolchiropracticclinic.com/joint-pain-bristol/)

Looking after your knees

Your knees are incredibly important, but it’s only when normal movement starts to cause you discomfort that you realise how much you rely on them. They are worth looking after, no matter what your age, and knee pain can afflict even the healthiest person.

Thinking of the future

Chiropractors in Bristol can give advice on how to prevent knee pain in the future, so do not hesitate to contact us (http://bristolchiropracticclinic.com/chiropractors-bristol/) if you have any questions.

back pain at work
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What to do if work is causing you back pain

Sitting for hours at a time at a desk can cause huge amounts of damage to your back. And, if you’re hunched over, squinting at a screen or using a chair that doesn’t support you, it can make those problems even worse.

If you’ve got back pain it can be hard to concentrate at work, and you could even need to take time off. But by making some changes, and seeing a chiropractor in Bristol, you can help to keep the pain at bay.

Take a break

It’s so easy to get absorbed in your work and sit for hours at a time in the same position. But doctors recommend taking a break every 30 minutes to keep your back healthy. Lots of little breaks, up to two minutes at a time, are better than taking one long break at lunchtime.

Look at your desk

Do you start off sitting bolt upright, but then find yourself slouching with your shoulders raised? Take note of how you sit at your desk. Try to break habits and make a mental note to adjust your position.

Look at where your computer screen, mouse and keyboard are. If you are at a desk for eight hours a day, where they are placed could end up giving you back problems. Most workplaces offer a workstation assessment but a good rule of thumb is to sit with your feet flat on the floor so they can support your back.

Your thighs should be at right angles to the floor or slightly sloping down to avoid strain on your back.

Make sure your chair is adjustable and the back can tilt, so it moves to support your back as you sit.

Treating back pain

A chiropractor can put together a treatment plan, but you should also try to stay active and positive – many people with back pain do get better with a proper plan in place.

Tension headaches
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Tension headaches: causes and solutions

Many of you probably spend most of the day looking at a screen, whether it be at work sending emails, at home watching TV or looking at your laptop. This means your eyes are subject to constant strain, which is one of many symptoms that can cause tension headaches or stress headaches.

What are tension headaches?

Tension headaches can result from tension around the base of neck. Alternatively, they can be caused by misalignments of the spinal vertebrae in the neck, placing pressure on the spinal nerve. Regardless of how they occur, they can be very painful.

At Bristol Chiropractic Clinic, we are well aware that tension headaches are very common and we all suffer from them from time to time. According to the NHS, half the adults in the UK experience tension-type headaches once or twice a month, and like most people, you undoubtedly reach for your over the counter pain relief. However, sometimes the pain can be quite severe, even lasting for a few days, rendering such pain relief less effective.

Triggers and symptoms

Eye strain is just one of a number of triggers that can cause tension headaches. The full list of triggers (http://bristolchiropracticclinic.com/headaches-migraines-bristol/)  also includes stress, depression, fatigue, and skipping meals.


If you think you’re experiencing stress headaches more than 15 times a month over three consecutive months, then visiting chiropractors in Bristol could be the approach for you. Your health is on our hands, so we are committed to providing the best treatment available, which involves helping remove and release pressure on the nerves by spinal misalignments to ease tension headaches, as well as reducing tension in the muscles at the base of the neck to reduce nerve pressure.

If you would like to know more, or you’re suffering from tension headaches, then contact our experienced, friendly, and highly qualified chiropractors today.

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sport injury bristol, sport chiropractor
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Sports injuries are different to injuries to sportsmen

If that sounds a little paradoxical, we will try to explain. At the Bristol Chiropractic clinic, we are used to dealing with a wide variety of sports injuries, from back and neck pain to golfers’ and tennis elbow. Where sports injuries are concerned there is little we have not seen or had to deal with. The injuries we see are not the type you would encounter in the ER of your local hospital, yet it would seem that many a sportsman has ended up there as a result of what you would struggle to define as a sports-related injury.

The following is a list of some of our favourites, many of which come from America, which might be saying something:

  • Brandon Inge – professional baseball player and third baseman for the Detroit tigers strained an oblique while fluffing his daughters pillowsport injury bristol, sport massage bristol
  • Dave Beasant – a name that may be familiar to you if you are a football fan. Dave managed to sever a tendon in his big toe after dropping a bottle of salad cream. In trying to juggle it with his foot as it fell, the bottle broke and severed the tendon
  • Glenn Healey – not exactly a household name, even in his native Canada, but how does a sportsman manage to lacerate their hand when changing the bag on their bagpipes? More to the point, what’s a Canadian doing with a set of bagpipes in the first place?
  • Booby Cruickshank – a name you would know if you played golf back in the 1930s. Bobby managed to successfully render himself unconscious after being hit on the head by a club he launched into the air in celebration of what was called a ‘miracle shot’.
  • Michael Jordan – it is a well-documented fact that smoking is bad for your health. Michael Jordan even managed to cut off the end of his finger with a cigar cutter.sports injury bristol, sports massage, sport chiropractor
  • Dustin Penner – an American ice hockey player who miss several vital games of the season in 2012 after putting his back out while eating pancakes
  • Darius Vassell – if you are an Aston Villa fan you may remember the name Darius Vassell. Darius managed to end up with a sever toe infection after trying to lacerate a blood blister using a power drill. Maybe that is where the expression “not the sharpest tool in the box comes from?sports injury bristol, sports massage, sport chiropractor
  • Rickey Henderson – as a baseball player, it is unusual to see frostbite under the list of injuries, but this is exactly what this renowned baseball star managed to inflict upon himself after falling asleep with an ice pack on
  • Plaxico Burress – as many of the sports stars are from America, we couldn’t help but include one involving a gun, especially as this was a self-inflicted injury. Burress is long forgotten as a football player for the New Your Giants and instead is well remembered for shooting himself in the leg when he forgot to put the safety on

If you are a sportsman, you want to remain injury free. Clearly the chances of you suffering from any of the same injuries above are very remote, but sports injuries can be picked up any time. If that happens to you, then do make sure you give us a call here at the Bristol Chiropractic Clinic and we will do our very best to get you back to full fitness.

sports injury
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Don’t ruin your sporting summer

Many of you out there (you know who you are) are fair weather sportsmen and it is not until spring has well and truly dusted off its cobwebs and summer begins that thoughts turn to the likes of golf, cricket, tennis and a whole host of other outdoor activities. We even include bowls on the list. However, after a more sedentary winter, sometimes the body isn’t in the best of shape when we bowl our first over or venture round eighteen holes. It may not seem so bad at the time, but it is easy to trigger back problems if you are not too careful.

Of course there is also the problem of injuries sustained through repetitive movement, something not uncommon in tennis players and golfers. You may have heard of tennis elbow, but may not realise that golfer’s elbow is also a recognised injury. At the Bristol Chiropractic Clinic, we are used to dealing with these types of sport injuries, so don’t lose faith if you begin to experience either, help is at hand.We mention bowls, because the nature of bending over suddenly, but not frequently, can put excessive strain on your spine, and what can start off as an annoying little niggle can soon turn to something far more debilitating. This can be applied to any sport where excessive, but not overly repetitive movement, comes into equation. And the picture is a far broader one than you might first imagine.

When we suffer from back pain, often we adjust our body to ‘cope’. When it is a little niggle, we might not even be aware that we have adjusted our posture or stance, yet this might be enough to cause another little niggle elsewhere. It is surprising how many aches and pains in your body can be traced back to your back, if you can excuse the pun.

Our advice – come in and see us at the Bristol Chiropractic Clinic whenever you have a persistent pain, even if it is just a niggle. We would far rather the opportunity of establishing what is going on before it turns into something even more annoying and frustrating, and then see what we can do to deal with any problems, leaving you to enjoy a long and enjoyable summer of sport.


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