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Get Back Your Healthy Back

A weak back can lead to a number of health problems. Unfortunately many of us neglect to look after our backs in the correct way. Small changes can have a dramatic effect on your spine health which in turn will have a positive effect on your overall health. If you suffer from back pain then it may be worth checking out these simple measures to help you get back your healthy back.

bristol back pain clinic Posture and Movement

One of the simplest and most effective ways to help your back is to correct your posture. Many people tend to slump when they sit and hunch their shoulders when they walk. Sit and stand up straight, hold your head up and use your abdominal muscles to release the tension in your back. Try to always be aware of your posture and correct it when you feel yourself slumping. Avoid lifting heavy objects, but if you have to, use your leg muscles to take the burden. Keep your stomach muscles tight and lift the object as close to your body as possible.

Buy A Good Mattress

It’s worth investing in a good orthopaedic mattress to help support your back, ensuring a good night’s sleep. Many mattress suppliers now have computer aided technology to advise which mattress will offer the best support specifically for you.

Lose Weightbristol back pain clinic

Being anymore than 10lbs overweight can cause back strain. A nutritious diet and gentle exercise will help you lose weight and regain a healthier back.

Quit Smoking

Nicotine restricts the flow of blood and oxygen from reaching the discs that cushion your vertebrae. If you smoke, congested lungs can also lead to upper back pain. So, do your back a favour and quit smoking.

Take Up Pilates Or Yoga bristol-back-pain-clinic

Pilates and yoga techniques can help re-align your spine by stretching and strengthening core muscles and improving overall flexibility for long term spinal health. Whatever your age or ability, you’ll be able to find a pilates or yoga class suitable for you.

bristol back pain clinic Massage

Massage is not only effective in the treatment of injuries. Regular massage and chiropractic treatments can help strengthen your back and prevent further injuries. Massage releases tension and aids the flow of blood, oxygen and essential nutrients, helping them to reach the muscles and ligaments in your back.

Bristol Chiropractic has a dedicated back pain clinic in Bristol. Our qualified experts offer a range of chiropractic and massage treatments, exercise techniques and healthy lifestyle programmes. Contact our Bristol back pain clinic for more information and advice on getting back your healthy back.

Common Sporting Injuries That Require A Sports Massage

Summer’s over and the cooler weather and shorter days have returned. But that doesn’t mean you should be preparing for hibernation. Many sports can be enjoyed throughout the autumn period before the cold, icy, New Year weather is upon us.

Early autumn marks the beginning of seasonal team sports such as football, rugby and hockey. Autumn is also a great time to go jogging and fell running, before the colder weather sets in. Playing sport during the colder, shorter months will not only keep you fit and maintain a healthy weight in the run up to Christmas, but it also helps with depression and seasonal affective disorder. However, with the new season come new sporting injuries, particularly for those who are trying a sport for the first time. Here is a guide to the most common sporting injuries that occur in October.

Hamstring Strainsports massage

Autumn is the season for high impact, team sports such as rugby, football and hockey. A hamstring strain is probably the most common injury associated with these sports. Hamstring strain is a result of a tear in one of the four main hamstring muscles. It’s usually caused by one of the following:

• Inadequate warm up and cool down sessions

• Fatigue

• Playing on a wet and slippery surface due to rain

Immediate treatment involves RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation). Once the initial symptoms have worn off, regular sports massage therapy should be performed by a qualified therapist. Sports massage will help reduce pain and inflammation, improve the blood and lymph flow, strengthen the muscles, improve mobility and help prevent further injury.

High Ankle Sprain sports massage

High ankle sprain is a result of excessive force on the ankle area or by a sharp, twist. It’s a common injury sustained during football tackles and rugby scrums. After RICE, during the following six weeks, sports massage is recommended to help re-stabilise the tibia and fibia bones and to prevent the build-up of scar tissue. Sports massage can also help restore muscle strength, prevent further injury and improve your sporting performance.

Dislocated Shoulder sports massage

A common injury for rugby players, a dislocated shoulder occurs when the ball of the upper arm is forced out of its socket causing extreme pain. Once the arm has been manipulated back into its original position, physiotherapy will be needed to help joint alignment and mobilisation using a range of muscle stretches, rotator cuff exercises and sports massage therapy.

Rugby, football and hockey are popular autumn sports in the Bristol area. For more information on sports massage call Bristol Chiropractic Clinic today.

Regular Sports Massage For The Prevention of Sports Injuries

Sports massage therapy can be an incredibly beneficial pre-workout treatment to help athletes warm up properly. It is also beneficial as a post-workout treatment to soothe sore muscles and increase limb flexibility.

However, to really benefit from the effects of sports massage it is important to incorporate a regular session into your sporting routine. Regular massage can have cumulative benefits on the body and is an important measure for preventative maintenance.

Those who compliment sporting activities with regular massage suffer from little or even no injuries. Here are some reasons why regular sports massage can leave you feeling physically and psychologically better.

Stretching sports massage

PNF stretches are assistant-aided stretches performed after a vigorous exercise session. The therapist will gently push the muscles as far back as they can comfortably go. This releases tension build-up in the fascia: a band of fibre that surrounds the muscles, resulting in more pliable and healthy muscles.

Stretching also helps to re-align the fascia, which, if out of line, can cause pain and subsequently injuries.

Breaks Down Scar Tissuesports massage

The formation of thickened scar tissue can occur during the healing process of an injury. Collagen fibres surround the muscles and repair them. However, these fibres lack elasticity and can form tight, knotty bands around the surrounding muscles. The build-up of scar tissue can restrict limb mobility and elasticity.

Regular sports massage works towards breaking down the fibres that have knotted together. Deep tissue massage is performed to release toxins, increase blood flow to the injured area and reduce inflammation.

Although, initially painful, regular sessions will lengthen the soft tissue muscles and greatly improve elasticity.

Pain Reduction

Regular sports massage helps block the pain indicators within the muscular system from reaching the brain. Lymphatic drainage removes the toxic build-up of lactic and carbonic acid which can cause cramps after exercise. Massage will increase the blood flow and deliver oxygen and essential nutrients to the treated area, reducing pain, swelling and inflammation.

Delayed onset muscle soreness can occur a few hours after exercise. Sports massage can reduce muscle fatigue and pain by improving blood and lymph flow.

sports massagePsychological Effects

Regular massage has a positive effect on the nervous system. Endorphins and oxytocin are released, producing a feeling of calm and well-being. It can also reduce anxiety and help you sleep better.

Regular sports massage improves condition and performance and aids a faster recovery of existing injuries. For more information talk to one of our qualified therapists at Bristol Chiropractic Clinic.

Reasons Why Sports Massages Are The Cure To All Common Sporting Injuries!

With the arrival of long days and warm nights, summer is a great time to take part in a sporting activity. Many people only practise sports in the warmer summer months. However, injuries can occur to both ‘fair weather’ types and the more dedicated year-round athlete. The most common cause of sports injuries during the summer months is over use of muscles or joints. This can cause longer term injuries, especially if you are not used to exercise.

A major cause of injuries in the summer is that people don’t warm up properly. It is never a good idea to start exercising excessively without even giving the muscles and joints a chance to get accustomed to a new activity.

De-hydration can also cause injuries. Staying adequately hydrated will keep your muscles working properly and help prevent cramps and pulled muscles. Here is an overview of some of the most common sports injuries that occur in the summer months.

Tennis Elbowsports massage

Tennis is one of the most popular sports to play during the summer. However, overuse of the predominant arm can lead to ‘tennis elbow’. Tennis elbow effects the upper arm, forearm, wrist and hand muscles. Overuse or a sudden, unfamiliar movement can cause a tear in the tendons surrounding the elbow. Pain usually develops gradually and most people only realise there is a problem when they find it increasingly painful to lift objects, shake hands or even brush their teeth.

Sports massage can help to alleviate pain and speed up recovery. Soft tissue therapy will help flush out the toxins by delivering oxygen to the injured part and re-align the damaged fibres.

Swimmer’s Shouldersports massage

Swimming is a fantastic sport, especially during the summer. However one of the most common injuries that can occur is ‘swimmer’s shoulder’. The rotator cuff muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder become inflamed through overuse, resulting in a deep ache in the neck and shoulder area.

If left untreated, the tendons can tear, causing serious damage to the rotator cuff area. Sports massage techniques can help improve blood flow to the area, relax tense muscles and with continuous therapy, break down scar tissues in the shoulder.

Ankle Sprains  sports massage

Running, hiking, playing tennis are great summer activities but one of the most common injuries that can occur is a sprained ankle. A sprained ankle is caused by a sudden twist or roll, causing the ligaments to stretch, and in severe cases, tear.

Immediate treatment involves reducing the swelling using RICE:

 Rest

 Ice

 Compression

 Elevation

For more severe injuries, sports massage may be needed to prevent stiffness, increase ankle mobility and strengthen the muscles surrounding the area.

Shin Splintsports massage

Shin splints refer to an acute pain along the tibia in the front of your lower leg. It is very common with runners. It is mainly caused by running with inappropriate footwear and by running on different types of surface.

Initially, a shin splint injury can be treated with RICE (see above). Sports massage can help to drain away lactic acid build-up and relax tight muscles.

Knee Injuriessports massage

Knee injuries are a common occurrence with whatever sport you decide to play. Overuse or a sharp movement can cause a range of knee injuries. The most common sports-related injury is a tear in the lateral ligaments at the sides of the knee joint.

A cross friction massage technique can be performed to re-align the fibres and prevent scar tissue build-up. Frictions are applied in a backwards and forwards motion with the fingers, gradually moving in towards the injured area. This type of massage should be performed by a qualified therapist to avoid further injury.

Remember, warm up, stay hydrated and contact Bristol Chiropractic Clinic for any injury enquiries you may have. Keep updated in the latest news section of our website for a more detailed guide to each specific injury.

Common Sports Injuries That Require Special Sports Massage Treatment

There is no denying that playing sport is good for your body and mind. But with any physical activity, injuries can occur.  Many people only practise sport in their leisure time or at the weekend. Sudden, intense use f weak and out-of-condition muscles increase the risk of injury.  For dedicated athletes the risk of injury is also high. Overuse of muscles and repetitive strain of existing injuries can cause irreparable damage if not treated correctly.

Sports massage is an effective way of preventing and treating sports injuries. A form of deep tissue therapy, sports massage can alleviate swelling and pain and speed up recovery by increasing blood flow and circulation to the injured part. However, sports massage should only be performed by a qualified therapist. Massage is recommended after the initial symptoms have subsided and not as form of first aid. Massage performed too soon after initial injury can worsen the ailment.

Here’s a guide to some of the most common sports injuries and how sports massage can help.

Ankle Sprains sports massage

An ankle sprain is one of the most common injuries for people who practise sport. A sprain occurs when ligaments that surround and support the bone are stretched and, in severe cases, torn. Ligaments have a degree of flexibility but a sudden or wrong movement can cause them to over-stretch, leading to intense pain and inflammation. Initial treatment is RICE: Rest; an ice pack; compression with an elastic bandage and elevation of the injured limb.

When the initial symptoms have worn off, sports massage can by performed to increase flexibility, improve ligament resistance and aid a speedy recovery. Sports massage can be performed after a week has passed since the initial injury. Cross Friction massage is an effective technique applied to sprained ankles. The ankle is placed in a stretched position and pressure massage is applied to the tendon. Your therapist will locate  the ligament and gently apply direct pressure to the surrounding area, slowly moving towards the point of injury.

Knee Injuriessports-massage

The most common sports injuries that affect the knees are lateral ligament strain and runner’s knee. Both these injuries are debilitating as they reduce the overall motion of the knee. Knee injuries are very common for those who practise high impact sports such as running, basketball, football and cycling. Lateral ligament damage occurs to the side of the knees. Sports massage is used to reduce the build-up of scar tissue and re-align the ligaments. It can also reduce swelling and pain by relaxing the muscles surrounding the knee.

Runner’s knee is essentially, overuse which weakens the cartilage under the knee cap. Sports massage can help strengthen and stretch the muscles surrounding the knee, increasing movement and flexibility to help prevent further injury.Sports massage stimulates blood flow which allows blood and oxygen to reach the joint, delivering essential nutrients to keep it healthy.

Hamstring Strains sports massage

Hamstrings are made up of three major muscles, positioned at the back of the thigh. They serve to flex the knee and straighten the hip. Hamstrings are not very active when performing normal, everyday activities such as walking and standing, but they are used intensively when practising sports such as sprinting, rugby and football.

Infrequent exercise or overuse can cause the hamstring to stretch and strain. Sports massage is used for pain relief and to speed up recovery time. The technique is used to break down collagen fibres that form scar tissue. Massage can re-align normal fibres and soften and lengthen tight muscles. Massage also increases blood flow allowing oxygen-based, essential nutrients to reach the injury and speed recovery.

Hamstring injuries can re-occur, so a regular massage is recommended to prevent further injury. Sports massage should only be performed by a qualified therapist. If you play sport in the Bristol area, contact Bristol Chiropractic Clinic for a consultation.

What Are Chiropractors and What Do They Do?

The Bristol Chiropractic Clinic’s new website contains a wealth of information about the various conditions we help with and types of treatment available. For many people, our treatments can help relieve them of terrible pain that greatly restricts their quality of life.

But what exactly are chiropractors and what do we do?

A Natural Process

Under the treatment of a chiropractor, you will never be administered drugs nor required to go through surgery, although if your chiropractor assesses you and believes this type of care to be more appropriate you will be referred to your GP immediately.

The chiropractor will seek to solve your problem by using manipulation or mobilisation of the spine, which in essence, this is a completely natural process that has been utilised by various health professionals since Egyptian times.

At Bristol Chiropractic Clinic you will be given home rehabilitation exercises, lifestyle and basic nutritional advice alongside your treatment. You may even be offered western medical acupuncture.

back pain BristolHow Does It Work?

There are two main approaches to chiropractic treatment: spinal manipulation and spinal mobilisation.

Spinal Manipulation

This involves positioning the body in a specific way and applying force to irritated joints in order to correct them. You will often hear a popping or cracking sound coming from the joint that is purely cavitation or popping of gas bubbles as the pressure changes within the joint.

Spinal Mobilisation

Spinal mobilisation is a gentler approach. We use a number of techniques, depending on the condition and particular circumstances of the patient. It’s distinguished from spinal manipulation as no application of force or twisting of the body is required.

Is It Safe?

Chiropractic is an area that hasn’t been fully explored yet and research is still ongoing. As such, questions persist about how safe and effective it is.

There is no evidence that when applied by a qualified and trained health professional it can cause any damage. There have been cases of vertebral artery dissection after manipulation of the neck reported in the literature and at Bristol Chiropractic Clinic we only apply cervical manipulation where deemed necessary and after a full history and examination. Research has shown however, that you are just as likely to suffer from vertebral artery dissection after visiting your GP with neck pain and headaches.

Often people experience a temporarily worsening of their symptoms and some post treatment soreness, especially early on in the treatment plan and these are very normal responses.

Chiropractic treatment has repeatedly been proven successful and many people swear by it. As long as you visit a reputable chiropractor who’s registered with the General Chiropractic Council, you’re in safe hands.

Chiropractors are able to treat a whole range of conditions using a variety of natural methods. For many patients, the positive effects of such treatments have been life changing.

Have you thought about seeing a chiropractor? Have a look at the Bristol Chiropractic Clinic’s new website for more information.