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Why You Should Make Sure You Get a Sports Massage

It’s well known that elite athletes regularly take time for a sports massage, but what’s not known is how sports massage can benefit every sportsperson and even those who do very little exercise. If you’re wondering when to go for your sports massage in Bristol here are a few things you should be aware of.

It’s Not an Over-Indulgence

bristol sports massageIn our hectic lives, it’s too easy to think of getting a sports massage as an unnecessary over-indulgence. However, nothing could be further from the truth. If you think of your body as high performance vehicle, you’ll understand how receiving a sports massage, in conjunction with healthy nutrition, is vital to keeping you in tune. Whether you swim, surf, run, cycle, or even walk, all bodies need a tune-up. The alternative doesn’t bear thinking about.

Sports Massage is for Everyone

The best thing about a sports massage is how it will be attuned to the needs of your body, irrespective of your lifestyle. If you’re a sportsperson, your sports massage will be tailored to suit your exercise level and your specific sport. If you’re not a sportsperson, your massage therapist will look at factors such as the physical demands of your job, your posture, how well you’re sleeping, and any emotional stress you may be under.

When to Receive a Sports Massage

bristol sports massageIf you’re participating in an event, you should ideally get a pre-event massage one to three weeks prior to the big day, depending on the exertion required to compete it. This will help muscles loosen and prepare them for peak performance. Another massage should be sought immediately after the event. This will release lactic acid and loosen your muscles to prevent injury. If you’re a regular sportsperson, regular massages are vital. If you’re not a sportsperson, pay attention to any dull or chronic aches and pains. Also be on the lookout for any feelings of stiffness. It goes without saying that sports injuries should be looked at immediately.

Sports Massage and Injury

Injuries build up masses of scar tissue while increasing blood flow to the affected area. This results in lack of movement, as well as muscular imbalances and posture problems that can cause aches and pains. Sports massage releases tight areas and breaks down the knots that cause discomfort.

How You’ll Feel Afterward

It’s important to have realistic expectations around the results of your sports massage. However, it’s normal to feel looser in the muscles that have been worked upon. Your muscles will also be energised, meaning you’ll feel less pain. Movement will also increase after successful treatment. To hasten healing, drink plenty of water to flush our toxins.

What Are Chiropractors and What Do They Do?

The Bristol Chiropractic Clinic’s new website contains a wealth of information about the various conditions we help with and types of treatment available. For many people, our treatments can help relieve them of terrible pain that greatly restricts their quality of life.

But what exactly are chiropractors and what do we do?

A Natural Process

Under the treatment of a chiropractor, you will never be administered drugs nor required to go through surgery, although if your chiropractor assesses you and believes this type of care to be more appropriate you will be referred to your GP immediately.

The chiropractor will seek to solve your problem by using manipulation or mobilisation of the spine, which in essence, this is a completely natural process that has been utilised by various health professionals since Egyptian times.

At Bristol Chiropractic Clinic you will be given home rehabilitation exercises, lifestyle and basic nutritional advice alongside your treatment. You may even be offered western medical acupuncture.

back pain BristolHow Does It Work?

There are two main approaches to chiropractic treatment: spinal manipulation and spinal mobilisation.

Spinal Manipulation

This involves positioning the body in a specific way and applying force to irritated joints in order to correct them. You will often hear a popping or cracking sound coming from the joint that is purely cavitation or popping of gas bubbles as the pressure changes within the joint.

Spinal Mobilisation

Spinal mobilisation is a gentler approach. We use a number of techniques, depending on the condition and particular circumstances of the patient. It’s distinguished from spinal manipulation as no application of force or twisting of the body is required.

Is It Safe?

Chiropractic is an area that hasn’t been fully explored yet and research is still ongoing. As such, questions persist about how safe and effective it is.

There is no evidence that when applied by a qualified and trained health professional it can cause any damage. There have been cases of vertebral artery dissection after manipulation of the neck reported in the literature and at Bristol Chiropractic Clinic we only apply cervical manipulation where deemed necessary and after a full history and examination. Research has shown however, that you are just as likely to suffer from vertebral artery dissection after visiting your GP with neck pain and headaches.

Often people experience a temporarily worsening of their symptoms and some post treatment soreness, especially early on in the treatment plan and these are very normal responses.

Chiropractic treatment has repeatedly been proven successful and many people swear by it. As long as you visit a reputable chiropractor who’s registered with the General Chiropractic Council, you’re in safe hands.

Chiropractors are able to treat a whole range of conditions using a variety of natural methods. For many patients, the positive effects of such treatments have been life changing.

Have you thought about seeing a chiropractor? Have a look at the Bristol Chiropractic Clinic’s new website for more information.