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Ankle sprains can seem like such a common injury, but they are hard to recover from, especially if the ligament damage around the affected joint is sever. There can be many causes for a sprained ankle, from stumbling over an uneven surface whilst walking to playing sport to wearing high heels. No matter what the cause, it can take up to 4 to 6 weeks for a sprained ankle to recover, but ligaments take a good deal longer to heal, and may never satisfactorily repair as they become full of scar tissue that isn’t elastic.

Ankle sprains are a type of injury that often reoccurs, and such repeat traumas can have an affect on the mechanics of associated joints and structures above as well as the impaired ankle, such as the leg, hip and spine. However, chiropractic treatment can help prevent chronic and reoccurring problems as the chiropractor can asses the history of the injury and, after examination, ensure that appropriate treatment is given to help rehabilitate the injury and speed up the recovery process.

Another factor to consider when suffering with an ankle sprain is that if it’s not treated properly, you could face losing mobility in the joint, and run the risk of acquiring arthritis later down the line. With professional chiropractic treatment for ankle sprains you can reduce this chance, which means you are extending the longevity of your ankle joints.

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With regards to ankle sprains, chiropractors can perform special techniques on the ankle to increase its range of motion and its healing process. During the course of the rehabilitation process, the chiropractor can establish the most effective exercises to strengthen the ankle and work out a plan that most suits your lifestyle. Chiropractic treatment for ankle sprains can also help decrease associated problems with the injury, which can take its toll on the lower back and posture if you need crutches to help with mobility whilst your ankle is healing.

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