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At Bristol Chiropractic Clinic you will receive effective treatment for musculo-skeletal conditions with chiropractic and osteopathic based techniques, massage, acupuncture (dry-needling) and advice on rehabilitative exercises, nutrition and lifestyle changes that support the healing process and help prevent future injuries.



Conditions helped by chiropractic care include:

  • Back, hip and leg pain
  • Neck, shoulder and arm pain
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Sports injuries
  • Joint, muscle and nerve pain
With origins from the Ancient Greek (chiro=hands, and practic=practice), chiropractic is a term used to refer to a regulated health-care profession, which involves the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal-related conditions, especially those of the spine.

General Chiropractic Treatment is a holistic approach to healthcare, dated back in the late 1800s, which requires no medication, and focuses on the patients’ overall wellbeing. For that reason, a chiropractor always considers a threefold that includes the physical, social, and psychological factors involved in a patient’s case, before trying to treat the patient.

According to the basic principles of chiropractice, the spine is the key for one’s overall health, mainly due to its close association with the nervous system.

If the vertebrae is slightly out of place, either to the left or to the right, a series of problems unimaginable might occur, ranging from stomach-related problems to epilepsy.

With mild manipulations or small adjustments of the spine and vertebrae, via a set of controlled and gentle movements, the patient gets increased mobility, while any back pain is significantly reduced.

It is a treatment that can be easily applied to all age groups, and complements many surgical operations in recent times.

A lot was said and written in regards the effectiveness of general chiropractic treatment for back pains, during the 1990s. However, controversy ended when numerous clinical trials showed that chiropractic treatment far exceeded the results patients could get from outpatient care/placebo treatment.
Bronwen is a warm and friendly person, she treated me for neck and shoulder problems with a 100% success. I highly recommend Bronwen, if you are suffering pain whether its back, shoulder or neck she’s the one to see. Maxine O’Loughlin

It seems that those most benefited from general chiropractic treatment are patients suffering from lower back pain, who had a profound reduction of pain levels, as well as those suffering from sports injuries, joint-related issues, and all kinds of musculoskeletal disorders, including posture problems.

Most problems are treated within 4-12 sessions that last no longer than 15-30 minutes each.

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