Sports injuries can be incredibly painful and, for many people, they can prevent you from
taking part in your favourite sports. They are generally caused by trauma, from a collision
or fall, or a repetitive movement injury such as tennis or golfer’s elbow.

Luckily, a good chiropractor can alleviate the pain and help you to recover quickly.
Here are some of the most common sports injuries we deal with at the Bristol
Chiropractic Clinic.

1. Ankle Sprains

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Ankle sprains count for as many as 30 percent of sports injuries and they can be
incredibly painful. A type of trauma injury, ankle sprains occur when you turn or twist
your ankle while playing sports or exercising.

It can take up to 4 to 6 weeks to fully recover from this type of injury, although if you
damage your ligament they rarely repair satisfactorily, becoming full of scar tissue which
isn’t elastic. This can cause further injuries if not treated properly and could lead to the
loss of mobility in the joint or even arthritis.

A chiropractor will assess the injury, taking account of your history, before beginning
your treatment. They will also advise you on steps you can take to prevent reoccurrence.
Treatment is usually based on the PRICE model:

• Protect
• Rest
• Ice
• Compress
• Elevate

2. Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow

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Tennis or golfer’s injury is a repetitive movement injury of the elbow, and it can affect
anybody, not just athletes or sport’s enthusiasts. The pain affects the outer part of the
elbow and upper arm, and is caused by inflammation of the tendon and bony part of the

This type of injury is caused by overuse from repeated, forceful wrist movements – such
as swinging a racket or golf club – which puts your elbow under considerable tension and
can tear the tendon or muscle. Pain and discomfort can last from 3 weeks to a few years if
not treated properly.

A good chiropractor will assess your injury and find a suitable treatment for your specific
injury. They will also devise an exercise plan to aid your recovery by strengthening your
muscles and tendons.

3. Runner’s Knee

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Even though it’s called runner’s knee, patella-femoral pain can happen to anyone who
uses their legs and knees in repeated, intense movements, including runners, basketball
players, footballers and cyclists.

Symptoms include different pains in and around the knee, caused by irritation of the
tendon in the kneecap, and sometimes sufferers can feel their knees give way – this is a
protective mechanism, caused by your brain inhibiting the muscles to prevent you from
causing further damage to the injury.

Chiropractors will assess the injury and treat the underlying cause, rather than simply
treating the pain or the symptoms which could lead to the injury returning. Treatments
involve manipulation and massage techniques, along with a rehabilitation programme
designed to prevent a reoccurrence of the problem.

For treatment or advice on any of these injuries, or any other sport’s injury, contact us at the Bristol Chiropractic Clinic.