If that sounds a little paradoxical, we will try to explain. At the Bristol Chiropractic clinic, we are used to dealing with a wide variety of sports injuries, from back and neck pain to golfers’ and tennis elbow. Where sports injuries are concerned there is little we have not seen or had to deal with. The injuries we see are not the type you would encounter in the ER of your local hospital, yet it would seem that many a sportsman has ended up there as a result of what you would struggle to define as a sports-related injury.

The following is a list of some of our favourites, many of which come from America, which might be saying something:

  • Brandon Inge – professional baseball player and third baseman for the Detroit tigers strained an oblique while fluffing his daughters pillowsport injury bristol, sport massage bristol
  • Dave Beasant – a name that may be familiar to you if you are a football fan. Dave managed to sever a tendon in his big toe after dropping a bottle of salad cream. In trying to juggle it with his foot as it fell, the bottle broke and severed the tendon
  • Glenn Healey – not exactly a household name, even in his native Canada, but how does a sportsman manage to lacerate their hand when changing the bag on their bagpipes? More to the point, what’s a Canadian doing with a set of bagpipes in the first place?
  • Booby Cruickshank – a name you would know if you played golf back in the 1930s. Bobby managed to successfully render himself unconscious after being hit on the head by a club he launched into the air in celebration of what was called a ‘miracle shot’.
  • Michael Jordan – it is a well-documented fact that smoking is bad for your health. Michael Jordan even managed to cut off the end of his finger with a cigar cutter.sports injury bristol, sports massage, sport chiropractor
  • Dustin Penner – an American ice hockey player who miss several vital games of the season in 2012 after putting his back out while eating pancakes
  • Darius Vassell – if you are an Aston Villa fan you may remember the name Darius Vassell. Darius managed to end up with a sever toe infection after trying to lacerate a blood blister using a power drill. Maybe that is where the expression “not the sharpest tool in the box comes from?sports injury bristol, sports massage, sport chiropractor
  • Rickey Henderson – as a baseball player, it is unusual to see frostbite under the list of injuries, but this is exactly what this renowned baseball star managed to inflict upon himself after falling asleep with an ice pack on
  • Plaxico Burress – as many of the sports stars are from America, we couldn’t help but include one involving a gun, especially as this was a self-inflicted injury. Burress is long forgotten as a football player for the New Your Giants and instead is well remembered for shooting himself in the leg when he forgot to put the safety on

If you are a sportsman, you want to remain injury free. Clearly the chances of you suffering from any of the same injuries above are very remote, but sports injuries can be picked up any time. If that happens to you, then do make sure you give us a call here at the Bristol Chiropractic Clinic and we will do our very best to get you back to full fitness.