Now that Spring’s here it’s time to get outside and start enjoying the warmer days. If you’re energised by New Year’s resolutions or are determined to get into that bikini before Summer, you may be considering a new exercise routine or taking up a sporting activity. Spring is the most popular time for outdoor sports; there’s nothing better than getting out in the fresh air and improving your fitness levels. 

Sports Injury BristolHowever if you’re not used to physical activity, you need to be aware of a few golden rules before you begin. Here’s a guide to avoiding sports injury this Spring.

Warm Up

If you’re pressed for time you may be tempted to skip the warm up and start exercising vigorously straight away. Many sports injuries are caused by inadequate preparation so always give yourself time to warm up properly.

Warming up is a way of waking up your body. It gets the blood flowing and gradually increases your heart rate. Tight, cold muscles and ligaments are the most common cause of sports injuries so make sure your muscles and joints are loosened and warm before you start to exercise or play sport.

Cool Down

Cooling down after vigorous exercise is just as important at the warm up. It gradually decreases your heart rate and prevents blood pooling in the legs and feet. Gentle stretches ease the muscles and keeps them flexible. Cooling down also helps to expel toxins from the body. Many athletes benefit from a sports massage during the cool down to protect the muscles from soreness and injury.

Don’t Exaggerate

Many sports injuries occur by overdoing it in the beginning. Your body needs to build up stamina over a period of time. If you practise a weekend sport, incorporate another low impact activity during the week such as walking or swimming to help build muscle strength and resistance.

Drink Water

Adequate hydration is essential. It regulates the body temperature, lubricates the joints and improves the circulation of nutrients, blood and oxygen around the body.

Sports Massage

Sports injury can benefit from specialised massage techniques to promote faster healing and also prevent injuries from occurring. If you’re serious about taking up a new sport this Spring, then consider incorporating regular massage sessions into your schedule to keep your body in good condition, improve your performance and prevent sports injury.

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