Sports massage may be something you associate with high-level professional athletes who subject their bodies to tremendous stress and need to do everything possible to get the best performance. However sports massage can be of great benefit as well if you are a keen amateur, if you’re starting out on an exercise programme to get fit, or even of you’re a non-athlete with a problem like sore shoulders or the kind of back pain Bristol doctors are currently seeing such an epidemic of.

What Is Sports Massage?

Back pain BristolSports massage is a form of deep tissue massage geared towards sporting activities.This form of therapy is intended to release muscle tension and improve circulation.It can help improve the posture and motion of the body.

Sports Massage for the Dedicated Athlete

Sports massage can help you recover more effectively and quickly from heavy training sessions, and may reduce the aching in your muscles that occurs after strenuous exercise. It can help improve your flexibility and reduce the risk of injury,which will in turn help you train harder and more effectively.Sports massage can also help you recover from injuries, and facilitate your return to training and competition. Different sports put stress and strain on different parts of the body, and in different ways. Sports massage takes this into account and can be tailored towards different types of sport.

Sports Massage for the Non-Sporting Person

Sport Injuries

You don’t have to be an athlete, or even someone who exercises regularly, to benefit from sports medicine. Many of the activities of daily life also subject the body to various stresses, resulting in injuries that can be treated by sports massage.Driving for long periods, or spending many hours in front of a computer terminal can lead to back pain and shoulder pain. Typing, and using a mouse or touch screen for long periods of time, can cause problems in the wrists, as well as tennis elbow. Sports massage can help treat these conditions, which can be thought of as non-sporting sports injuries.

Chiropractic and Sports Massage

Chiropractors deal with problems related to the spine, muscles and joints, such as back pain. Bristol Chiropractic Clinic offer sports massage, in addition to their other services. A chiropractor’s training involves a study of the spine, bones, muscles and joints, which is a good foundation for the practice of sports massage. If you’re looking for a chiropractor, Bristol Chiropractic Clinic can provide the therapy you need, with the additional benefits of sports massage.