Summer’s over and the cooler weather and shorter days have returned. But that doesn’t mean you should be preparing for hibernation. Many sports can be enjoyed throughout the autumn period before the cold, icy, New Year weather is upon us.

Early autumn marks the beginning of seasonal team sports such as football, rugby and hockey. Autumn is also a great time to go jogging and fell running, before the colder weather sets in. Playing sport during the colder, shorter months will not only keep you fit and maintain a healthy weight in the run up to Christmas, but it also helps with depression and seasonal affective disorder. However, with the new season come new sporting injuries, particularly for those who are trying a sport for the first time. Here is a guide to the most common sporting injuries that occur in October.

Hamstring Strainsports massage

Autumn is the season for high impact, team sports such as rugby, football and hockey. A hamstring strain is probably the most common injury associated with these sports. Hamstring strain is a result of a tear in one of the four main hamstring muscles. It’s usually caused by one of the following:

• Inadequate warm up and cool down sessions

• Fatigue

• Playing on a wet and slippery surface due to rain

Immediate treatment involves RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation). Once the initial symptoms have worn off, regular sports massage therapy should be performed by a qualified therapist. Sports massage will help reduce pain and inflammation, improve the blood and lymph flow, strengthen the muscles, improve mobility and help prevent further injury.

High Ankle Sprain sports massage

High ankle sprain is a result of excessive force on the ankle area or by a sharp, twist. It’s a common injury sustained during football tackles and rugby scrums. After RICE, during the following six weeks, sports massage is recommended to help re-stabilise the tibia and fibia bones and to prevent the build-up of scar tissue. Sports massage can also help restore muscle strength, prevent further injury and improve your sporting performance.

Dislocated Shoulder sports massage

A common injury for rugby players, a dislocated shoulder occurs when the ball of the upper arm is forced out of its socket causing extreme pain. Once the arm has been manipulated back into its original position, physiotherapy will be needed to help joint alignment and mobilisation using a range of muscle stretches, rotator cuff exercises and sports massage therapy.

Rugby, football and hockey are popular autumn sports in the Bristol area. For more information on sports massage call Bristol Chiropractic Clinic today.