Increasingly, a large majority of people spend their working days slouched over computers for hours on end without frequent movement and only occasional breaks. After a long day hunched over desks, there is a tendency sink into sofas and unwind in front of the television.

Here are three reasons to stand stead of sit.

Stand up for creativity

Apart from the adverse effects on our backs and necks, sitting also clogs up hormonal activity going on in the brain. Literary greats, such as Charles Dickens, Virginia Woolf and Ernest Hemingway seemed to understand the creative benefits of keeping upright and all wrote while standing. Facebook, AOL and Google have started offering stand-up desks in their offices, citing the virtues of enhanced creativity and increased energy levels.

Stand up for longevity

Sitting negatively affects the body in a variety of ways. Heart disease, diabetes and colon cancer are all more likely to occur when somebody tends to over-sit. Generally, people who watch the most television have a 60% chance of dying younger than people who only watch one hour of TV a day. The mind automatically instructs our bodies to sit when we feel tired, but perhaps we should stay on our feet just that little longer.

Stand up for beauty

Of course standing doesn’t cure ever physical blemish, however it goes a long way to making us healthier and fitter. The constant sitter’s hips generally become less flexible, their abs and gluts are underused resulting in a certain sagginess, and overall the sitter’s body is less toned than people who chose stand up more frequently.

With the strain obesity puts on backs, one of the simplest ways of improving our spines and overall health is to stand up more. Obviously, if you are experiencing serious back pain, don’t rely on standing up constantly to make it better; get to your local chiropractor in Bristol as soon as possible. Contact us today.