If you’ve never sprained your ankle before, you may be surprised at how painful it is. Not only that but ankle sprains take four to six weeks to heal, and immediate action is required to reduce the chance of long-term damage.

ankle sprainWhat Should I Do Immediately?

Unless you happen to sprain your ankle outside the chiropractors, your initial step should be to remove any ankle bracelets or toe rings, and perform RICE therapy as soon as possible. Simply rest the ankle, ice it for 20 to 30 minutes, compress it with a light bandage or elastic ankle brace, and elevate it above heart level. While you’re hobbling to the first aid kit, grab your phone and call a chiropractor.

Can an Ankle Sprain Cause Long-Term Damage?

As common as ankle sprains are, they can cause some major issues. As the ligament damage heals, varying degrees of inelastic scar tissue builds up which can leave your ankle permanently weakened. This can result in recurring sprains that may lead to problems with your spine, leg, hip, or any part of your body mechanically reliant on the damaged ankle. Furthermore, it’s not uncommon for untreated ankle sprains to cause loss of mobility and arthritis over time.

ankle sprainWhy Do I Need a Chiropractor?

Firstly, you’re unlikely to know exactly how much damage has been done to your ankle ligament. A chiropractor will discuss your sprain, or your history of ankle sprains if they’re a recurring problem. Post-examination, they’ll be able to recommend the best treatment to speed up the recovery process, increase the longevity of your ankle joints, and minimise the risk of recurring sprains, arthritis, and associated biomechanical issues. If you’re using crutches, they’ll minimise the effects of these on your lower back and posture.

What Will My Chiropractor Recommend?

Ankle sprains range from the mild to the severe, so there’s no one size fits all solution. Motion exercises are likely, initially without weight or resistance, although these may be added if necessary. As your ankle heals, it’s recommended to have your spine, pelvis, and hip assessed, as other parts of your body will have compensated for your damaged ankle. Restoring balance and mobility are key to reducing the risk of recurrent sprains. You’ll be pleased to know that a good chiropractor will develop these exercises in line with your lifestyle.

While there’s no singular method for dealing with ankle sprains, the chiropractic approach is extremely effective. Even if the sprain seems minor, your future mobility isn’t worth risking. Contacting a chiropractor now will prevent a lot of trouble down the track.