An excellent clinic, puts you at ease in every sense. Highly recommended.

Sta Harper

If you are looking for someone who is going to make you feel completely at ease and do a fantastic treatment then Bronwen is the person for you. She is such a fantastic chiropractor. She has been treating myself and my mum for problems of the back and hip and has made such a difference to us both. She has given us great home care advice also so we can continue with certain exercises to further improve the problems. Bronwen is extremely professional with such a warm and friendly welcome. We are recommending her to everyone! Thank you for all you great work Bronwen
Marianne O’Leary

An amazing experience, best I have ever had……….Get in touch!

Katy Milton

This is a great addtion to the Bristol health scene..perfect location, come and be healed!

Pat Poynton

Bronwen is a warm and friendly person, she treated me for neck and shoulder problems with a 100% success.
I highly recommend Bronwen, if you are suffering pain whether its back, shoulder or neck she’s the one to see.

Maxine O'Loughlin

My Mother at age eighty seven uses this service and it keeps her moving and straight, thank-you to all the staff and doctors. I think if you have the opportunity to use this practice it will change the way you feel and help you stand stronger.

Judith Hanthorn

I saw Bronwen for shoulder and lower back pain that I have suffered from for several years. I received a warm and friendly service from her as well as a fantastic assessment and treatment including acupuncture. I felt amazing after and had the first pain free night in ages. Thank you! I recommend her to anyone with back pain or sports injury.

Amy Meredith

I have had only three treatments at staple hill clinic with Bronwen and I already feel so much better.
Bronwen puts you at ease from day one, she will not do anything you don’t want her to do.
I totally recommend this lady, she knows her job!

Leslie Green

I have suffered with back and pelvic problems since my first pregnancy 3 years ago. I have seen various physiotherapists and 2 osteopaths in that time, but Bronwen has made more progress with my problems in 3 treatments than any of the others did in the last 3 years. This is the best I have felt in a long time and I’m so glad to have found her. I would really recommend Bronwen, she really puts you at ease and has made a huge difference to my problems already.

Abby Harvey

Thank for my truly effective treatment. I can roll my shoulder back without any effort! No clicking or anything! It feels loose. I can’t remember the last time it felt this good.

Saskia Walcott

Bronwen is quite simply amazing. I pulled a tendon on a long run 3 weeks before the London Marathon, which could have easily stopped me even getting to the start line. At our first meeting she saw how important it was for me to get to London, and she worked super hard to get me there! I’m really proud to say that I made it, and completed the marathon with no tendon pain at all.

Bronwen diagnosed my problem quickly, and then put all her energy into fixing me with a mix of treatments that worked for me, including chiropractic treatment, sports massage and acupuncture. She also helped me help myself, showing me how to stretch and treat myself at home between sessions.
I can’t recommend her enough; she is friendly and will talk you through what she is doing as she goes, showing just how knowledgeable she is! She clearly loves her work and I’m really grateful to her for helping me when I needed it most. Thank you!!!

Bethan Clarke

I live primarily in California but visit Bristol, my home town, every summer. I have a shoulder injury that seemed to defy diagnosis here in the US this summer I had the good fortune to meet and be treated by Dr Bronwen Henley . She was very comfortable to work with intelligent and with a no nonsense approach she found the source of my ailment and set about helping me to recover. Her intelligence is intellectual but equally intuitive, I cannot offer praise high enough, if you have chiropractic issues she is the one to seek out. Thank you Bronwen.
Jeremy Morgan

Bronwen has fixed my hubby’s back when many others have failed! Awesome, thanks Bronwen!

Sue Martin

Brilliant! Instant pain relief, top advice sensitive and confidential! I highly recommend this practice.

Lily Hutchinson

Amazing lady who knows what she is doing, not only do I keep going back when I have an injury, but I also highly recommend x

Cherie Townsend


Will Sanzo

Been having treatment for the last few weeks now and im feeling so much better now after having my back clicked by Bronwen, dont know what I would of done without her as I’m a masseuse by trade and have suffer from a bad back for years.

Sam Pearse

I am treated regularly by Bronwen since experiencing pain in my pelvis related to running long distances that was worsened after my pregnancies. I have noticed that treatment enables me to run longer distances without experiencing pain and I was the fastest lady in New Zealand Forest marathon and 18th lady in Bristol 10k! I really enjoy the treatment from Bronwen and particularly like that she also offers me advice on exercises to improve my running. I would recommend her to anyone! The best in Bristol!

Jessie Sanzo

No more back pain thanks to Bronwen the chiropractor at The Beauty Clinic, Staple Hill Bristol.

Lesley Pearse

I sustained a severe injury to my right knee some years ago. Several operations over the past few years have left me with significant internal scar tissue around the knee and resulting soft-tissue soreness after exercise. Bronwen has been treating the knee / leg each week for a couple of months. The treatment has improved the knee significantly; it is now much less sore and the swelling has been reduced substantially.

I would recommend Bronwen unreservedly to anyone with similar issues.

Dr. Tony Monks

Thank you so much for coming out the other Saturday to the my humid and hot house and dealing with my intercostal pain. I’ve been able to go back and lift weights and teach. Still not able to crunch yet and twisting is still a bit dodgy but even from two days ago, the difference is noticeable.

So thank you. I really connected with you and felt very comfortable with you treating me so thank you for your care and thank you for listening. Funnily enough you mentioned stress breathing. I ended up on the Tuesday having a fraught conversation with someone who was stressing me out before the rib problem. And as soon as I felt the stress, straight away I noticed my intercostals were killing me. So you were spot on.

I will refer people to you if I am asked because you treated me respectfully and professionally, with care, consideration and telling me what you were doing and why.

Andrea Spencer

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