Many of you out there (you know who you are) are fair weather sportsmen and it is not until spring has well and truly dusted off its cobwebs and summer begins that thoughts turn to the likes of golf, cricket, tennis and a whole host of other outdoor activities. We even include bowls on the list. However, after a more sedentary winter, sometimes the body isn’t in the best of shape when we bowl our first over or venture round eighteen holes. It may not seem so bad at the time, but it is easy to trigger back problems if you are not too careful.

Of course there is also the problem of injuries sustained through repetitive movement, something not uncommon in tennis players and golfers. You may have heard of tennis elbow, but may not realise that golfer’s elbow is also a recognised injury. At the Bristol Chiropractic Clinic, we are used to dealing with these types of sport injuries, so don’t lose faith if you begin to experience either, help is at hand.We mention bowls, because the nature of bending over suddenly, but not frequently, can put excessive strain on your spine, and what can start off as an annoying little niggle can soon turn to something far more debilitating. This can be applied to any sport where excessive, but not overly repetitive movement, comes into equation. And the picture is a far broader one than you might first imagine.

When we suffer from back pain, often we adjust our body to ‘cope’. When it is a little niggle, we might not even be aware that we have adjusted our posture or stance, yet this might be enough to cause another little niggle elsewhere. It is surprising how many aches and pains in your body can be traced back to your back, if you can excuse the pun.

Our advice – come in and see us at the Bristol Chiropractic Clinic whenever you have a persistent pain, even if it is just a niggle. We would far rather the opportunity of establishing what is going on before it turns into something even more annoying and frustrating, and then see what we can do to deal with any problems, leaving you to enjoy a long and enjoyable summer of sport.