While chiropractic treatment is most often associated with back pain and is generally very effective in tackling this, there are so many other ways it can be used. Here are just some of the health problems and physical challenges it can help to remedy.


Headaches are a common problem in modern society. They can arise particularly from poor or abnormal posture and movements of the neck causing irritation and/or inflammation which the patient then experiences as headache pains. Various chiropractic adjustments and movements can correct these issues and relieve the discomfort very quickly. Migraine headaches may also be helped by the same type of treatment.

Knee pain

Especially where knee pain arises from knee arthritis, chiropractic therapy can help by mobilising and manipulating the joint and by an overall assessment and improvement of posture to prevent placing unnecessary pressure on the affected limb.

Foot pain

Postural faults often cause inflammation in the soft tissues of the feet, causing sore, tender areas and even difficulty in walking or running. This pain and discomfort can be tackled by spinal adjustments involving manipulation and joint mobilisation to establish and enhance correct posture.

Athletic performance

Athletes must often put their bodies under extreme pressure in pursuit of their goals. Many athletes see chiropractors regularly, whether or not they are experiencing pain or injury issues at the time. As specialists in correct movement and posture, chiropractors can spot potential problems before they fully develop. They can use appropriate manipulations along with advice and selected exercises to help their clients avoid or recover from injury and continue to perform at their best.

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