Bristol is the perfect city for sports enthusiasts. Whatever your passion, you will find it here.
However, all sports bring their own risks of injury, especially if you over-do it. One of the best ways to overcome and prevent injury is a sports massage. If you practise a sport often, then it’s a good idea to incorporate a regular sports massage into your exercise regime.
Sports massage is deep tissue therapy used to ease muscle soreness and increase flexibility. It can improve circulation and aids the removal of toxin build-up.
Here’s a guide to some of the most popular sporting activities in the Bristol area, and how sports massage can help you keep in tip-top form.

Hikingsports massage

You will find hiking trails at Leigh Woods and Clifton Rockside. Hiking is a low impact sport and a great way to keep fit while enjoying the stunning scenery surrounding Bristol. The most common complaint of hikers though, is the build up of lactic acid and general muscle soreness. Sports massage can relax tight muscles and drain lactic acid through heavy pressure, deep tissue massage.
Knee injuries and ligament damage are also common with hiking. Sports massage can help reduce swelling and aid a speedy recovery.

Swimming sports massage

If you enjoy swimming outdoors, then Bristol Lido and Portishead Pool are two fantastic locations to try. Swimming is a great all-round workout for your body and mind. It has a much lower risk of injury than other sports but overuse of muscles can ultimately strain the shoulders, neck and lower back. A regular sports massage after heavy swimming sessions can identify problem areas and prevent further injury.

Footballsports massage

Bristol proudly boasts two league football clubs: Rovers and City. For amateur players, Bristol has an abundance of football pitches in the parks around the city. Football is a very popular sport but the risk of injury is high.
A strained hamstring is one of the most common injuries for football players. Sports massage can help relax the muscle and increase circulation.
Groin strain is also very common. Once the initial pain has worn off, massage can help increase blood flow and relieve the tension of the surrounding muscles.

Sports massage is a must for the dedicated sports enthusiast. A regular, deep tissue massage is a major factor in preventing injuries and speeding up recovery from existing ailments.
If you practise sport in the Bristol area, then contact the Bristol Chiropractic Clinic to arrange a sports massage with a qualified therapist.