Sitting for hours at a time at a desk can cause huge amounts of damage to your back. And, if you’re hunched over, squinting at a screen or using a chair that doesn’t support you, it can make those problems even worse.

If you’ve got back pain it can be hard to concentrate at work, and you could even need to take time off. But by making some changes, and seeing a chiropractor in Bristol, you can help to keep the pain at bay.

Take a break

It’s so easy to get absorbed in your work and sit for hours at a time in the same position. But doctors recommend taking a break every 30 minutes to keep your back healthy. Lots of little breaks, up to two minutes at a time, are better than taking one long break at lunchtime.

Look at your desk

Do you start off sitting bolt upright, but then find yourself slouching with your shoulders raised? Take note of how you sit at your desk. Try to break habits and make a mental note to adjust your position.

Look at where your computer screen, mouse and keyboard are. If you are at a desk for eight hours a day, where they are placed could end up giving you back problems. Most workplaces offer a workstation assessment but a good rule of thumb is to sit with your feet flat on the floor so they can support your back.

Your thighs should be at right angles to the floor or slightly sloping down to avoid strain on your back.

Make sure your chair is adjustable and the back can tilt, so it moves to support your back as you sit.

Treating back pain

A chiropractor can put together a treatment plan, but you should also try to stay active and positive – many people with back pain do get better with a proper plan in place.